Main Projects

Customer: Finsardegna spa

Representative: General Manager, Dr. Dino Barranu

Main Objective: evaluation about the possibility to replicate the model of Consorzio Garanzia Fidi Finsardegna spa in Bulgaria.

Activity performed: Drafted Report Bulgaria 2011 – supported IMA srl in studying small artisan companies' system of Bulgaria, financing system and translation activity.

Customer: CNA Sardegna

Representative: Maria Grazia Dessi

Main Objective: Introduction of regional products

Activity performed: Attendance to Interfood & Drink 2010 Show – supported IMA srl in organizing Sardinia Companies attendance, including all promotional and marketing material translated in Bulgarian.

Customer: CNA Sardegna

Representative: Maria Grazia Dessi

Main Objective: Accompanying Ladies entrepreneurs in a Mission to get familiar with Bulgarian Market.

Activity performed: Cooperation with Polymetis to organizing the Ladies Entrepreneurs International Forum (2010) – consulting, supporting logistic and organization of Ladies Entrepreneurs Delegation from CNA Sardinia.

Customer: Cooperativa Allevatori Mores

Representative: President Dr. Giuseppe Barra

Activity performed: Interfood & Drink Show (2010 – 2011)attendance to marketing products and researching for new sales and operational partners – B2B meetings organization. Supporting and organizing missions to Bulgaria and customer's potential clients missions to Sardinia to promote sales contacts. 

Customer: Cantina Sociale di Oliena

Representative: Paolo Congiu Sales Manager

Activity performed: attendance to Interfood & Drink e Wine Tasting Show (2012 – 2013) to promote products and to find sales and operational partners.

Customer: IASRJ

Representative: Prof. Vasil Nikolov Executive Director

Main Objective: setting background information in order to develop new relationship with AGRIS, ARAS and ASSONAPA.

Performed activity: supporting and organizing visit to Sardinia (2012), searching for Regional Agencies to join partnership, building pre-conditions to realize joint projects of cooperation in the agro/live stock industry.

Customer: GAL Logudoro Gogeano

Representative: Giovannantonio Sanna Vice President, Giuseppe Sotgiu Managing Director

Main Objective: surveying GAL system in Bulgaria and researching for MIG partners interested in joint projects on measure 421 of PSR 2007-2013 – searching for Bulgarian partnership – supporting the two representatives during two missions (2011-2012). Providing technical assistance for BaSed project.

Customer: MIG Ardino

Representative: Izet Shaban President, Nedzhmi Myumyunhodzhov Vice President and MIG Radomir , Vladimir Trenev President and Miss. Ina Todorova

Performed Activity: organizing and supporting prep meetings in Bulgaria with Sardinia GAL – Consulting and Technical support to register participation form to measure 421 call, focused on preparatory projects of transnational cooperation with Sardinia GAL (2012).

Customer: Centro Regionale di Programmazione della Regione Sardegna and IMA srl

Representative: CRP team for transnational relationship - Personnel referred: Dr. Franco Ventroni, Dr. Antonello Chessa

Main Objective: initial meetings with Institutional System in Bulgaria. Hosting companies from Sardinia interested in Bulgaria market. Supporting organization and logistic.

Performed activity: Supporting organization and logistic for Institutional participation to Interfood & Drink Show (2012-2013). Developing Bulgaria Project (2013), setting up continuous cooperation between Sardinia Region and Bulgaria Regions in order to find common ground. Supporting IMA srl (main player) to organize all institutional meetings between Bulgaria Public Entities and Italian Institutions in Sofia (Italian Embassy, ICE). The project led to a signed memorandum with Sofia and Pernik Regions. 

Book Show (Sofia): translation and presentation of book Hidalgos (and related activities). The publication of Hidalgos book in Bulgarian offers to local readers the opportunity to know some fundamental traits of the habits of social rural society in Sardinia in the historic contest of the past first half century.

Performed activity: IMA Balcani supported the cooperation with translator, publisher, typography and the organization of the event, in cooperation with Italian Cultural Institute in Sofia.

Customer: Oliena Wine Cooperative, Dolianova Wine Cooperative, Terrantica srl, il Fornaio del Carasau srl

Performed activity: supported organization for introducing products and searching for sales partners at Wine Tasting 2013 Event.

Customer: Wine Cooperative Monserrato and Wine Cooperative Calasetta

Representative: Antonello Serra Vice President and Agostino Pisano Sales Manager

Performed activity: supporting organization to introduce products and searching for sales partners at Wine Tasting 2014; support to preliminary meetings with main players. 

Customer: MIG Ardino

Representative: Izet Shaban President

Performed activity: visit to Sardinia (July 10-16 / 2014)

Customer: MIG Radomir

Representative: Vladimir Trenev President

Main Objective: getting to know the Institutional and Productive Sardinia Region System with the final goal of searching for Sardinia GAL to partnership.

Performed activity: visit to Sardinia (September 8-14 / 2014). Ima Balcani has worked side by side with IMA srl to provide all conditions for institutional meetings and to support organization for MIG visits in July and Septembers.



Undergoing Main Projects

Sardinia Autonomous Region and Agencies

Main Objective: developing all activities started with IASRJ to finalize international relationship between the Department and the Ministry of Agriculture in order to set up main guide lines to joint cooperative projects.


International Show of typical dish (or re-invented)

Main Objective: organizing a extended partnership between GALs of Sardinia, Bulgaria and most peripheral areas of other European Countries to plan and implement a great joint project, based on European funds for transnational cooperation within the new scheduled phase of 2014-2020.


Various Private Customers

  • start up in agricultural, livestock, building, agro-food, international trading, health and culture business

  • consulting and assisting new start up and established companies