About us

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In the web site under construction, this section was actually about IMA srl, our eldest sister company from Sardinia. Today we can really talk about us.
Since our inception date (2010), almost four years have passed by. During this period we have not been wasting time as you can easily check in the section projects, where you can find references to our main activities (not all of them though!).
Since the beginning we have entered the consulting market in a variety of fields, for Private and Public entities interested in Bulgarian investments.

Due to internal and immediately available external resources, the initial major contracts have been on the Public sector for the most part.
Today, thanks to increased interest by Italian investors towards Bulgaria, we have implemented our consulting activity to privates, about new venture capitals consisting in stable establishment in this Country.
We are a small company (a tailor made factory) with a reduced number of full time and part time people, so we are very agile but with a wide range of professional experience and networking that enhances our true efficiency and applicability enormously.
We can put in place highly trained professionals for European Planning Projects and for local enterprise development.

The basic team consist of four people, some are directly employed, some are permanent associates:
Franco Branca - Sole Administrator : over 30 year Senior Manager for Sardinia Region Office for parallel independent experience of enterprise, one of the most important responsibility in the entire Regional Public Sector that take major decision on all regional companies’ activities and also coordinates them all.
Maria Ivanova Tsvetanova - Managing Director: She graduated in Italy and has deep and differentiated experience about Italian enterprises in Bulgaria
Elena Sotirova - Accounting Director: She worked in Italy, now she is in charge of fiscal, accounting and coordination of all the companies in the Group.
Lilia Rangelova - Communication Director: she covers Public Relations and Communication autonomously, whilst being involved with the activity of Bulgaria Today, an online Magazine which she founded.
Numerous Italian and Bulgarian experts have been working assisting the basic team during different projects, such as:
Cristina Porceddu - Former General Manager, with whom relationships between Bulgaria and Sardinia began, now returned to her mother land Sardinia.
Michele Angius - Junior Project Coordinator, who consistently helped with the project MOST.
Adriana Karatoneva - Former Assistant, very helpful in all the initial activity of our start up; she left us for Qatar Airways, to travel around the world.
Velina Iantcheva-Krushkina - Public Sector Assistant, who maintained for a short period (too short unfortunately) our relationship with the Public Sector, supervising the project for cooperation with GAL.

Yulian Vichev - Sales Manager, took good care of our sales activity, also helping with updating all economic reports about Bulgaria.
Furthermore, other numerous Italian friends highly qualified, such as Paolo Palomba and Gianni Ineichen, and Bulgarian such as EvelinaItalianska,who help us in a consultancy capacity when needed – with great professionalism – about various issues: enterprise’s strategy, interpreters, translations and hosting our clients.
Some of them you can find on Linkedin.
We are also working at stabilizing our establishment.
Outsiders can’t normally see the main players working towards the goal of moving beyond the protagonist to acting as a team.
Our logo, the naughty and informal bee, intends to communicate our dedication to work, but also with some irony and light attitude, thinking not only at the income but also at personal satisfaction.